After a wonderful night of various grilled cheeses procured by Kiko and Kim, or as I like to call them K&K Laugh Factory because they are so funny, I decided that I should return the favor and feed them melted cheese through another medium, i.e. pizza. K&K along with Dan, Erin, and of course the lovely Ellen, came over and immediately Kiko began forcing people to play cribbage. And I don’t mean just trying to convince us, she pulled out a glock and said “bitch we playin’ cribbage now”. We all complied because we didn’t want to be stabbed. It wasn’t even fun though because any time we would score points, Kiko would just point her gun at us and give a dirty look that said “no points for you.” Turns out, though, she was just hungry, and when the pizza finally came out of the oven, she warmed right up. The first pizza was a BBQ chicken with sauteed red onions and the second was bacon Alfredo pizza sprinkled with azzzzziago. Of course it was all delish and prepared with my homemade dough. I guess you could call me a dough boy! But instead of selling drugs, I give out smiles and joy. It was a beautiful night, cut just a tad short by the finals that everyone needed to prepare for. WE WILL DEFEAT YOU, FINALS.



peace ‘n luv



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