Are you churr about that?

Last night, upon having delighted our taste buds at a diner style churro joint, Big Tex, Ebert and I decided to compare our churro experiences. La Churraria in Oaxaca is a regular hot spot for us gringos, and this new place in Mexico City, while offering a different style of churros, couldn’t beat our boy Christian’s churros. That’s not to say that these new churros weren’t bomb. Offering a thinner, lighter, more county-fair-style churro, the diner also had several types of chocolate in which to dip their churros, something Christian doesn’t offer us. Plenty of sugar was piled on those warlocks and Adventure Matt and I were definitely feeling the buzz when we left, knowing soon we would crash.

La Churraria is your one-stop shop for gourmet churros. At 5 pesos a pop, or 3 for 14, their churros cannot be beat. They are made fresh to order and can be served with various sauces from chocolate, to dulce de leche, to black berry. Even white chocolate. They also serve some great espresso, making it a perfect spot to stop by in the late afternoon to get a little pick me up. Haley goes for the cute boys, but the rest of us go for the churros. Hats off to Christian and colleagues for doing it right. No complaints at all and I’m 100% churr.


peace ‘n luv



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