friends, foods, and good news

Friday night marked the official reunion of friends of thehousekitchen after they studied abroad. I realized that all my close friends who studied abroad were ladies, so thehousekitchen hosted LADIES NIGHT! Girls drank free until 11. But then also after that. I meant for the event to be the ultimate smorgasbord of international cuisine, but instead it ended up being Mexican food and cheese. First, I gotta say that the tacos were smashing . I am getting closer to perfecting my tacos al pastor recipe. Earlier that day, I was in Wicker Park and went to a taco place to try their tacos al pastor, but alas, they were out of the deliciously marinated pork so I stuck with carnitas. The tacos were build your own because it was that informal and chill. So chill. Erin brought some cashew stuffed dates. Haley thought the cashews were pits and expressed dismay as she looked at her plate to find where she had put the cashews. Ji admitted that she had been stealing them off her plate and we all laughed an appropriate amount. Ji brought French style cheeses which, yeah, were fancy as hell. Also a spinach salad with oranges and strawberries which was genius. Ji subscribes to the school of thought that a salad shouldn’t need dressing, the ingredients should be sufficient. It was super zen of her to say, but I love ranch so fuck that. Haley brought some chips and salsa because she lives in Snell and, let’s be honest, isn’t used to how awesome thehousekitchen is yet. She’ll learn in time. Kiko brought some cheese from Wisco which was so tasty I almost made love to it. But not the rough kind, the kind where you play the Isley Brothers Greatest Hits. Kim, I honestly don’t remember if you brought anything, but I don’t even care, you are such a treasure, please hang out with me more. KB showed up late because she was gettin’ stuff ready for a party and was also particularly frazzled. BLERG. I served the tacos with Modelo, just to get some more authenticity, which totally worked because at one point I swear I could hear the sounds of Mexico (which in my case were the howls of all the animals that lived near my host parents’ house). The night didn’t have all the flavors of the world like I had dreamt, but it was still awesome.

I also have some fantastic news for fans of thehousekitchen: I am now a staff writer for Spoon, a student run food magazine online, so there will be even more of thehousekitchen to read!

peace ‘n luv



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