an egg-cellent morning

Andrew pinky promised me last night that he would come over this morning and help me clean the apartment so he didn’t have to use water cups for beer pong. I accepted and as promised, Andy came over at around 10 and helped me give thehousekitchen thorough cleaning. We listened to Bob Dylan and reminisced about the party from the previous night; a party that followed one of the best Occam’s shows in recorded history. The party was great, but thehousekitchen can only handle so many tall, thin hipsters in one night, so she took quite the beating. We got the cleaning done pretty quickly and then I offered to make Andrew some eggs. He gladly accepted the offer and then decided he wanted bacon and came back with fully cooked bacon from Morry’s (“Can I have 12 strips of bacon? That’s it”). He returned with some potato bun’s from OPro also and so I started cookin’ up the eggs. I’ve been on my egg game recently because let’s be honest, eggs are bomb and they know it. They don’t apologize for being incredible AND edible. I dashed these sunny-side up warlocks with this BBQ seasoning that I think Jacob bought. Everyone loves it. I also had some habanero  cheese that Kiko brought so I crumbled that onto the eggs too. Basically, this breakfast of spicy fried eggs, bacon and toast was the perfect meal after a night of watching people reach into empty boxes in the hopes that there is beer left and then pretend that they weren’t actually that thirsty. A great start to a sunny Saturday.


peace ‘n luv



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