Food Safari

If you’ve never been on a food safari I highly recommend it. Oh, I’m sorry, you don’t know what a food safari is? Well let me tell you. It’s that thing of when you plan out way too many, unrelated foods and then you continuously make and eat food for 6 hours. Last night, Ale, Corey and I, and eventually Peter, went on a food safari for the ages. It began when I met miss Alejandra at TI to get some supplies. After one of the most confusing, yet simple mix-ups at the grocery store, we stopped by OPro and got even more supplies. Ideas were running through our heads. I was so hungry that Attila the Hun would have had nothing on my in an Oreo eating contest, a contest that he is historically associated with. By the time we got to Ale and Corey’s to start cooking, the menu plan was such: black pepper bacon candy, fried chicken and waffles, croquettes, empenadas, and strawberry milkshakes. Corey worked diligently the entire time, performing the art that is his fried chicken process. A process that leads to great fried chicken success. I whipped up the waffles and Ale engineered the empenadas with a little help from Peter and me. We sipped on Red Stripe as Peter regaled us with Phrygian tales of old. Ale and Peter created the croquettes masterfully, forming graceful balls of potato, cheese and bread crumbs with the passion of Picasso. Each dish was finished at a different stage in the night and each dish made us look forward to the next even more. I’ll admit that by the end, I was so full and my food baby was kicking, but the slight discomfort from being full was overshadowed by the great time I had. I had never been on adventure quite like our food safari, but I would like to do it again. All of us cooking together was an amazing feeling.


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