Yeah, we just did that

You know those times when you’re like “yeah, I just did that”? Whether it be climbing Mt. McKinley or solving world hunger, you feel that pride in your chest and you know you’ve accomplished something. Ji and I felt that same feeling last night when we made a hearty, yet lively spring dinner. The basis of this dinner was homemade pasta that I had rolled out earlier that day in an effort to get in touch with my Italian heritage. While I didn’t become filled with the spirits of Italians from years past, I did make some decent pasta. I brought it over to Ji’s along with some applewood smoked prosciutto and some spinach. When I arrived, we immediately began cooking. I threw the prosciutto into a pan and got the juices flowing while Ji prepared some onions and mushrooms to be added to the high-quality pork. After cooking the onions and the mushrooms with the prosciutto, Ji added some of the spinach and we let that cook down. A could dashes of salt and pepper later, we added some marinara sauce and let that warlock simmer. The pasta cooked well, but wasn’t the prettiest pasta I had ever seen. Ji prepared a quick salad with blueberries, strawberries, cucumber and scallions with a little bit of raspberry vinaigrette/ We tossed the fettuccine into the sauce and ours mouths started watering — as did our eyes. We cried for several minutes before being able to serve the beautiful pasta dish. After a therapeutic cry, we sat down and dug in. After we finished eating I looked over at Ji and said proudly, “Yeah, we just did that.” High fives were had by all, including Ji and me. Then we cried more and Kiko came over to cry with us while reading us her BA proposal. All in all I’d say the night was amazing although rather dehydrating.



peace ‘n luv



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