Learning from Colin Powell

I think in the past week I’ve said the term “pan pizza” upwards of 200 times. I have been banned from using that term in the vicinity of any University building because the idea of pan pizza distracts too much from academics.  My influence away from academics expands off-campus and into my apartment when, last night, I had Keekz over for a late supper and attempted to distract her from studies. Earlier that day I had whipped up some pizza dough so like fuck yeah I was gonna make pan pizza. While the process takes a while, it’s actually super easy, it just requires a little patience. I find that the patience is worth it 100% of the time. I had left-over lasagna fixings from Friday, so I decided to disrupt everything I knew about Italian food (which is essentially nothing) and combine two of the most popular forms of Italian cuisine into one, mind-blowing pie: LASAGNA PIZZA!!!!!! Legally, one has to yell LASAGNA PIZZA every time you say it and when typing it, one must use all caps. I spread the meat sauce and the cream sauce on the dough and covered that with mozz and then sprinkled some prosciutto. 15 minutes later, the LASAGNA PIZZA was looking and smelling ameahzing. Kiko suggested that I apply for the MacArthur Genius Grant for the combination of cuisines. I am considering this, but would rather spend my spare time eating LASAGNA PIZZA rather than applying for money. Halfway through eating the pizza, Kiko and I heard a knock on the back door and when I opened it, to my surprise it was former Secretary of State Colin Powell. He shook my hand and let himself in (mostly because I was in aw at the moment). He commented on the delicious smell and then grabbed himself a slice and sat down next to Kiko and took his shoes off. I offered him a beer but then saw that he somehow already drank one and was opening another. He stayed for a while and I was getting tired, but how to do you tell a four-star general to leave your apartment? He eventually left when the pizza ran out and followed another scent he said he was picking up, something about Korean food. Although he overstayed his welcome a bit, he did leave a tip so I can’t say I’m too mad.



peace ‘n luv



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