I woke up this morning to my guy Andrew at the back door ready to help me clean from the Occam’s after-party last night. After a vigorous clean, I noticed that it was a beautiful day, absolutely stunning. I thought, “you know what, Willie, you deserve to treat yaself.” So that I did. For a nice hearty brunch, I began with some coffee (um duh don’t even talk to me until I’ve had my coffee) and then threw together a breakfast ‘wich by cooking up some ground beef with sriracha and seasonings, frying  an egg and posting them up on some buttered wheat toast. With a drizzle of maple syrup the sandwich was ameahzing. I also cut up some strawberries and a banana and had a lil fruit salad. Not to be dramatic or anything but I think my destiny has been fulfilled. I was so satiated that I ascended to another plane of existence and now I’m just chillin’ with the Astral Beast.



peace ‘n luv,



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