Grill Talk

There comes a time when every boy becomes a man. And then when that man becomes a lady. Last night I achieved ladyhood with my sweet, sweet gals Liz and Sam. I invited them over for tacos originally but said cluck that and we made grilled pizza instead. Liz was unaware of the mysteries and wonders of grilled pizza, but I showed her. She is now a believer. As I started the grill, Liz made some pineapple and rum drinks and we sipped those and gossiped about things that I don’t know about. It was great? First I grilled some pork that I had marinating in an achiote marinade that you can gather here. After those pork warlocks were grilled to perfection, I put the pizza dough on a handy grill pan designed for grilling pizza that my beautiful friend Ellen gave me. It was the first time I used it and it made everything so much easier. I tried to high five the pan, but it was real hot and now I can’t high five anyone with my right hand ever again because of what the doctor calls “severe burns and stupidity” :(. After I cooked one side of the dough, I flipped it, topped it with BBQ sauce, mozz, diced pork, sauteed onions, and dice pineapple, then let it cook a little more. The pizza turned out fantastic and much fun was had by we three. Such a great lady’s night followed and I don’t think it inappropriate of me to say that the pizza was the first domino that fell starting a chain reaction of wonderful events.


peace ‘n luv



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