When I walked out of work last night, I thought a normal evening was about to begin, but I was very wrong. I invited Tyler over to grill some burgerz with me. He brought over some brewz and we kicked back and chatted as the grill heated up. Nothing sets the summer mood better than the smell of a grill goin’ as the sun sets. I had stopped at OPro before getting home and picked up a pineapple, avocado, and an onion to add to the burgerz. I grilled slices of the pineapple and spread some avocado onto the burgerz  and added caramelized onions. With a light spread of BBQ sauce, I was in heaven. I was so hungry that I barely got to enjoy that warlock, but damn did it cast a spell on me. Am I cursed to never eat such a burger again? No because I made extra patties and will be having leftovers tonight. ALLAKAZAM!



peace ‘n luv



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