Food Weekend Wonders

I sat in awe, staring at the red smears of pie filling on my plate. The world seemed to make sense in that moment. I knew I didn’t need to worry about anything as long as I had that strawberry pie.  My thoughts wandered to the previous day, when the beginning of one of the best food weekends of my life began. Ale, Annie, and I strolled to the farmer’s market and bought some goodies. Thankfully the cheese guy was there so we got some baby swiss and 4 year old cheddar. When I asked another vendor how much brats were, she told me $9.95/lb and then mentioned brat patties. Ale and my interests were peaked at this. I looked at her, she looked at me, then we looked at the vendor and I said “1 lb of brat burger please.” After seeing some young boys wearing matching, striped capris, we arrived home and began cooking. Ale expertly threw together some Jeremy Linsanely refreshing gin and tonics with fresh mint, limes, and cucumber. Light and crisp, those G&T’s cut through the humid air in the only way a G&T can do that thing I just said. I fired up the Weber and we were in business. I grilled ‘nem patties nice ‘n good and toasted some garlic rubbed potato buns. We topped the burgers with the cheddar, arugula and caramelized onions. OMGLOB. One of the best burgz of my life. The entire process was a joy and I was sad to see it end after we finished eating. Annie took off and Ale and I decided we needed naps. This, however, was not the end, and was more of an intermission.

Following brunch and naps, Ale and I rejoined forces at her apartment and began preparations for pan pizza, granita, and strawberry pie. Using leftover dough I made a warlock of a pan pizza with leftover homemade fried chicken and spinach. We put white and red sauce on either side for MAXIMUM flavocity. Ale blended honeydew, coconut water and more of the fresh mint to make granita. She also started cooking some farmer’s market strawberries for the strawberry icebox pie. I was given the role of head stirrer and found my duties quite hot as it was hot outside and in since we were baking a homemade pie crust as well. My schvitzing was worth well worth it in the end though as anything that contributed to that beauteous pie had to have been worth it. Eventually, we ate our pizza in ecstasy and even had a piece left, that we gave to Seth who seemed to enjoy it thoroughly. After having eaten the pizza and cooked all day, I was fatigued and still hot. Ale took the once stirred granita from the freezer. While it wasn’t completely ready and was more of a this slushie, it did just the trick to liven my wits and refresh my pallet. Unfortunately, we had to wait until the next day to consume the pie as it would not finish setting until 2 am that night. I accepted this minor defeat knowing that the next day, the pie would taste that much sweeter.

On the morrow I awoke and went for a run. Hotter and sweatier than Channing Tatum at a Sweat concert, I showered, only to sweat more trying to fix my bike. Blood sugar low, I told my bike to go cut its own dick off and went to Ale’s for some strawberry pie. She had just finished making a whipped topping for it. The first bite was as delicious as the last. Bringing the narrative full circle, the strawberry pie was an excellent finish to a wondrous food weekend and also an excellent beginning to this post. I will never forget the things I tasted that weekend. Won’t you join me for my next food weekend wonder?


peace ‘n luv



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