KB Vacations Underground

Finally. The return of KB happened. After she dropped me off at IU a couple weeks ago, I didn’t see her or hear from her. I wondered what happened to her. I figured most likely she was fine, but what if underground goblins took her to the Beneath-iverse? I’ve never been there, it sounds dangerous. I mourned her, those horrible goblins that live a mile underground had taken my best friend. Then I found out she was on a cruise and lacked wireless communication capabilities. I knew it all along. She came over for dinner on the shiny, summer Sunday evening that was last night. I prepped a couple pork steaks having bought them at the farmer’s market the day before. I didn’t know what to do with them so I just kinda let them sit outside in the sun for 45 minutes and I figured they were cooked. JK y’all I grilled them with salt and pepper. I decided to make a salad so I washed some spinach and lettuce and combined that with some raspberries I also got at the FM. I made another strawberry vinaigrette with my mom’s strawberry jam and red wine vinegar. I sliced the pork and topped the salad with it and then dressed it. I wasn’t really sure what to expect but then I cut a couple slices of FM garlic-cheddar bread and drizzled some olive oil on them. Voila, it was a meal? Yeah I didn’t really know what I was doing but it was definitely turnt up in the end. Possibly even turnt. But that’s for the Hyphy Police to figure out.



peace ‘n luv



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