A/C Picnic

If I were to describe how often I get to see Kiko this summer, I would say ‘NEEEVVEERRRRR’. If I were to accurately describe how often I get to see Kiko this summer, I would say ‘not as much as I’d like.’ Luckily I was able to schedule dinner with the wonderful young lady and she came over Tuesday for some mac ‘n cheese. I was feeling pretty tired since I’m a full-time job having young professional (YP), so I decided that Annie’s mac ‘n cheese would suffice. Keeks arrived bearing chicken and spinach for us to give the mac ‘n cheese a little more of a WOW Factor™. Nothing too fancy though, we had to keep it real, on the real, and for the real. We cooked the chicken in some olive oil (duh) and tossed a little Kray Jane’s on their too. When the chicken was half way done I turned the heat down and popped the spinach in the pan and covered it. Where once sat voluminous spinach looking like some chick in a Garnier Fructise commercial, sat rich, dark green shrunken spinach. We added the chicken and the spin to the mac ‘n cheese. I looked at Kiko. Kiko looked at me. I looked back. She looked back. I said, “let’s say what we’re thinking at the same time,” and she said, “Okay, 1,2,3…tomato sauce!” Luckily she said her idea louder and didn’t hear what I said (“…let’s put our hands in it!”).  We added some pasta sauce and that definitely increased the WOW Factor™ to at least 112, and that’s a conservative estimate. I forgot to mention that day was HOT AY EF so we took the bowls of it to my room and sat on a blanket on the floor and had ourselves a picnic in the only air conditioned part of the apartment. I usually enjoy picnics more when there’s a view of nature and a lovely breeze, but the hum of my a/c unit and the view of my Larry David “pretty…pretty…pretty good” poster fared well also. A/C picnics will continue as long as this heat continues, so if you don’t like eating on a blanket on my floor, then don’t come over.

peace ‘n luv



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