Oh hot damn, this is my jam

Well more like this is my butter. Peach butter to be precise. Yesterday I ran across a wonderful recipe by Deb and decided I had to make it. It was my first time jarring anything and I was very excited. I picked the wrong day to be using multiple burners at once, cooking the butter and sterilizing Ball jars, because yesterday was hot as butts. I halved Deb’s recipe because I wasn’t so confident in my virgin jarring abilities, so I got some peaches and went to work. The process itself wasn’t too bad, nothing too complicated, but a lot of standing in front of a hot stove. I did feel connected to my Hoosier roots though. Specifically Muncie. As a descendant of the Ball family (as all citizens of Muncie are), I poured the smooth, peachy goodness into a Ball mason jar with pride, honor, and of course swag.



So basically the process for this is tossing the peaches in boiling water for 30 seconds and blanching them so the skin comes right off. Then pitting them and chopping them into 8ths. I boiled the peach chunks in a half cup of water (the recipe called for 1 cup, but I halved it and used 2 lbs of peaches instead of 4 lbs). After cooking them, I pureed them and then returned them to their pot and added 1 cup of sugar and the juice of a lemon. 40 more mins of cooking and that gloop was looking nice and thick. As you can imagine the kitchen smelling wonderful and mythical creatures began showing up, enticed by the aroma. I had to turn away like 4 unicorns because there wasn’t enough space (plus unicorns are notorious moochers).


The peach butter didn’t yield as much as I thought it would, but upon second inspection it yielded exactly how much it was supposed to so I can only be mad at myself (or maybe the unicorns were able to siphon some off). I sterilized the Ball jar and then boiled the whole shabang after putting the butter in it and let it cool over night. This morning the butter was nice and sealed up. I’m going to be eating it later today so there wasn’t a real reason to properly jar it other than because I FUCKING FELT LIKE IT OKAY? Some of the butter that was long the edges of the pot I scraped out and put in a little jar and ate it on toast this morning. It’s phenomenal and I’ll definitely be making it again. Special shout out to Dre for hanging out with me during most of the process.


peace ‘n luv


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