Danger Mom Gets an Upgrade

Aight so I’ve been in good ol’ Muncie, IN aka Hometown, USA aka Luxuryville aka Tinselopolis aka Land of the Stars. I planned on making delicious food everyday but I ended up getting lazy (big surprise right? hahahahaha I’m so bad!!). I did make some carnitas for an all ladies potluck I was invited to and some pan pizza is slated for tonight, but my proudest moment was last night. I made a blueberry buttermilk cake based on my new idol Deb’s raspberry buttermilk cake recipe. This cake changed lives. My mother, who has recently undergone wrist surgery after a hardcore biking accident involving multiple mountain lions, all of which owned franklinators  After tasting the cake, which was topped with a blueberry lemon glaze of my own creation, her wrist miraculously healed. It did more than heal. She now has a bionic wrist with lasers and missiles and everything. Although it doesn’t have GPS which is kinda dumb but whatever. The cake is supes easy and I def recommend it if you want a simple cake that is sure to impress and/or heal joint injuries. One caveat is that it doesn’t heal abdominal wounds, so if you’ve gotten stabbed or shot you might want to try something called a hospital (duh, idiots).


Next time I write I’ll be in my new location. That’s right! thehousekitchen has moved across the street and new members are joining the crew! This is an exciting time in thehousekitchen’s life so I hope you all will continue to enjoy what thehousekitchen brings to the table.

peace ‘n luv


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